This book began in a discussion with Prof. Anatol Rapoport, in which he described war as a living entity.

He argued that war is a system, and that any system is a living entity. He convinced me and, in 2002, I published The Synthetic Beast, in which I argued that business and other corporations are living entities that pursue their own ends, regardless of the intentions of the humans who think they manage them.

This book takes the idea further, with the argument that human society and much of nature are controlled by the entities that I call metasystems. Systems, metasystems and The System rule the world, and they are dragging us into a future that has no room for humanity as we know it.

But this book is not about a coming apocalypse. It's about how we can avoid it, and build a future for humanity. We can't live without The System but, if we understand it, we can make it work for us rather than us for it.

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